There was an awkward moment last week in Entebbe, Uganda where President Museveni had hosted the SPLM party reunification meeting. The gathering which was initiated by the Ugandan president and attended by President Salva Kiir and other members of various opposing SPLM party factions was meant to unite the party members in a bit to bring peace in the country.

Even though the meeting successfully ended with some hope towards the reunification of the fractured party, there was a little drama that went down according to Dr. Majak Agot.

On Sunday, the former minister of defense who lives in exile took to twitter to vent his frustration when presidential envoy Nhial Deng Nhial refused to handshake him.

In a tweet, Majak said Nhial declined his handshake to gain favour from his boss who happens to be Salva Kiir. His tweets soon went viral soliciting a lot of comments. Some social media users have called Majak a “cry-baby” for creating an unnecessary fuss over a petty issue of a handshake. While others termed it as a succession battle for the presidency in the making.

Majak Agot has in the past publicly declared his ambition to run for the presidency on SPLM ticket, meanwhile, Nhial Deng is a preferred candidate for the presidency by a section of SPLM party if President Salva Kiir was to relinquish power.