A new rebellion has emerged in Western Lakes State according to social media reports. The rebel movement calls itself, Popular Front for Democratic Reform and Pan-African National Guard.

“I Salute and Honor those brave men and women who stand up and said enough is enough against Goliath in West Lakes State under Maj.General Anyar Anyar Agoth Deng, LT. COL. Gum Madol Panyar,LT. COL John Ariinga Malith, LT.COL. Abinko Matur Deng, Major. Josep Maper Athuei, Capt. Chok Marol Mabor and many more whose there names will follow soon,” a press release posted on social media reads.

The new rebellion alleges to fight against the injustice and Inequality in South Sudan.

“The Injustice and Inequality that had been build in our system is affecting us all regardless which tribes, clans, religion, region, old, young, women, men, disable, intellectual and illiterate etc. This old system is affecting us all,” the press statement reads.

Hon. Abraham Majak Maliap is a Chairman and C-in-C of the new rebellion which is fighting to topple Salva Kiir Government.

The new rebellion came barely weeks after new rebellion emerged in Northern Bahr el Ghazal.