Authorities in Ruweng state have reported another crude oil leakage in Kalouch Two north of Toma south oil fields.

The Ruweng state minister of information said the new leakage occurred on Sunday in an area known as Kaluch of Aliny County.  Two weeks ago, crude oil leakage was also reported in the same area, that the authorities said was contained by engineers.

“What happened on Sunday is the oil leakage in Toma south known as Kaluch in Aliny County of Ruweng state,”Abraham Ngor told Eye Radio on Monday.

He said the area where the leakage is reported is being used  for cattle grazing but he fears the spillage would have effects on the people and cattle.

“It will affect the people through the livestock and through the meat, milk, and the water also can carry that one then it can affect people as long the environment has been contaminated and polluted,” he added.

It is the fourth reported incident of crude oil leakage in the oil-producing areas in six months.

Two weeks ago, Ruweng state authorities said crude oil leakage in an area in Aliny County caused some damages to the environment.

The leakage in the former unity state resulted from a ruptured pipeline that authorities say needed to be replaced.

Last week, another oil leakage caused huge fire in Budang county of Nortern Liech state burning for two days.

Oil fields in the unity area are being operated by the Greater Pioneer Operating Company (GPOC). The company is yet to respond to the alleged crude oil leakage.