The music industry in South Sudan has evolved from how it used to be five years ago. With a promising industry there is a need to recognise the efforts of the most talented musicians. Dream Media will soon launch the music awards to recognise the hard work of local talents.

The music awards called the D.VA Award is an initiative by Dream Media, a media house founded by Mr. Andy Charles Milton who at the same time serves as the director of the Awards.

The D.VA awards will be awarding the best musicians in the video and other categories with the overall winner walking away with a cash prize of 10,000 SSP whereas the second with wins 3000 SSP and the third with 1500 SSP.
The winners will be determined by a panel of judges who will be unveiled at the official launch of the project at Secret Corner on Saturday 12th.
The judges will include one female, and four men, with one of the male judges who is a prominent media specialist from the U.S.A.
The categories to be awarded are as follows: Afro, RnB/Hiphop, Ragga/Dancehall, Reggae, Traditional, Best MC, Best Promotion Company and Best DJ.

The D.VA award’s managing director, Mr. Andy Charles Milton hopes the event will be transparent and a platform for where raw talent are tapped.

“As this historic upcoming event unfolds, my message to all the musicians and the various media houses is a promise of a credible and transparent awards to all the participants of the D.VA Awards”, Charles said in a press release.

“We need to work as a team to build a society that is conducive for the young generation to tap into their talents as the saying, success is not a game of chances but rather how prepared you are to battle  for your dreams,” He he continued.

D.VA Awards will be the only music awards in South Sudan since the first music awards in the country “SOSA Awards” collapsed last year due to financial crisis.