Sim card prices for the emerging DIGITEL telecommunications network have sparked public outrage across Juba. A regular Simcard costs SSP 500, whereas a special Simacard costs SSP 5,000.

People will be hesitant to invest in Digitel, according to Kisinger Henry, unless it comes up with numerous ways to make it competitively advantageous, adding that he is usually skeptical of ‘Gemtel’s green color.”

According to Mayen David, Digitel has begun to defraud people because a new network cannot sell at a high price. He believes Digitel’s network is worse than MTN’s and ZAIN’s.

Meanwhile, Sebit Anthony believes Digitel is simply a rebranded version of existing telecom companies because it has already displayed signs and symptoms of looting.

Charges for voice and data bundles:

Digitel Voice Bundles cost SSP 50 for 12 minutes and SSP 100 for 25 minutes, while Data Bundles cost SSP 120 for 50MB, SSP 250 for 125MB, and SSP 550 for 300MB, with 25 SMS costing SSP 60 per day.

Daily Social bundles cost 75MB, 125MB, and 250MB for 120SSP, 200SSP, and 400SSP, respectively, whereas mixed bundles of 10 Minutes, 50MB, and 10SMS cost 180 SMS.

The rates are slightly lower than those of South Sudan’s MTN and ZAIN telecom networks.

Countrywide Presence:

Though people in Juba have begun purchasing and using the Digitel line, it is unclear when it will reach the states and major towns. Its presence is most noticeable in Juba.

Campaign Launches:

Digitel has launched campaigns in the form of buttons and smartphones, bags, large umbrellas, billboards, and other items that we could not immediately identify. However, its slogan, “Proudly Junubia,” has been chastised for sounding exclusively feminine.

Presence on social media:

Digitel South Sudan does not currently have a functional website, Facebook page, Twitter handle, LinkedIn account, or Instagram account. The majority of information about it is shared online by citizen journalists, which is frequently difficult to verify due to the lack of a channel through which DIGITEL can communicate officially online.

First Call Evaluation:

Digitel held their first CALL TEST on Tuesday, December 15th, 2020, and stated that they would launch fully in January 2021. This did not occur, and they are now talking about launching in July 2021.