Juba’s nightlife is second to none. Revelers moves from one club to another just to entertain themselves at these joints. There is no better way to spend your weekend than touring these clubs. However, there are some things you should not dare to do when you tour these clubs. Here are four things you should never do when you go partying in these nights clubs.
1. Harassing bartenders
Some revelers often harass revelers while at the nightclubs. Harassing revelers is one of the gravest mistakes you can make in life. You need to respect the bartenders. Failure to respect the bartenders can get you chased away or worst get your teeth knock out.
2. Dancing on tables and with girls you don’t know
Revelers are not allowed to dance on tables as well revelers are advised not dance with girls they dont know. Dance while knowing that there are some rules you must obey. Dancing should not make other revelers uncomfortable.
3. Being rude and threatening people with “Do you know me” line
Respect is important in different areas of life. Never become rude when you are addressing anyone and stop with questioning people if they know you. A good reveler understands that the attendants are also looking for income. Give the attendants the peace of mind they need to work at the places.
4. Drinking too much
There are thugs and unknown gumen in Juba. Make sure you drink responsibly. Too much drinking could land you in trouble. You are likely to get robbed while at the club.