South Sudanese on Facebook have expressed mixed reactions after video featuring South Sudanese demonstrating in Khartoum calling for the reunion of Sudan and South Sudan, chanting “we will not retreat from the sit-in until the two countries reunite again.”

Here are some of their reactions:

 “I totally disagree with what they are demanding. Unless they were not there in 1972-2005” Apari Albino wrote.

Garang Dhel Ayuel: Who would want to unite with North Sudan? It is better to fight among ourselves and solve it ourselves. I don’t know what they been smoking in Khartoum.

Boaz Abu Calid: We want a united Sudan

Achol Aciek Anot: United Sudan my foot! Let them come and try to demonstrate here in South Sudan!

Mapach Ayak Thondit Benydit: You better call Sudanese people to demonstrated it and appointed president salva Kiir Mayardit as the care taker for that newly public call government then I can share my opinion otherwise…