Shots have finally been fired. And they are heading directly towards one former love bird of columnist and writer, Mr. Sabuni.

Sabuni who was a long time fiancé of singer Neetah Baibe was dumped last year by singer over unknown reasons.

Neetah is currently dating some dude working for UN.

For months the two have kept cool about their break up. But that has finally changed.

Sabuni is hurting (well, unofficially). He is throwing some penning punches at Neetah over what he assumes is her career dwindling.

Sabuni who is believed to have discovered and nurtured Neetah Baby to stardom and Divahood believes Neetah is done for since their separation.

He wrote on his facebook account: “It’s high time we start talking facts. Neetah Baby, it will take ages for you to regain your musical graph that loomed when u still followed our musical advice.”

Sabuni went on to assess what he thinks is Neetah’s “downfall” in the music industry:

“Once a star but now organizing shows in Kulana, Spots 5 etc; a joint that hardly accommodates 200 viewers such places are good for karaoke goers? Your downfall is on dupe.”

Mr. Sabuni went on to warn other artists such as AKJ, Silver X, WJ, Trisha C and Rocky J not to follow in Neetah’s example of choosing what he calls “Karaoke” spots.

He also told those offended by his comment to join Nigeria’s terrorist group, Boko Haram.

………..The story just begun