The fading female Dancehall artist was seen rumbling a socialist girl by name Keidi Peace known for snatching men.
It all started, when Neetah Baby accused Peace for stealing a Chinese phone worth 100ssp, she further went on and accused her of spreading wrong information about her, how damn her music is downsizing that soon she might even explore oil.

Neetah was quoted saying:

“I had become the joke for a lot of my friends and Peace was my best friend who I thought I could trust with anything, but I soon realized I couldn’t because she was a witch. She began saying stuff about me behind my back, and she even started to say stuff about my mom. Some of the stuff she said made my friends very mad at me and want to fight me. This was a very hard time for me, but in the end I figured things out, by today to teach her a lesson plus dumping her in cell and for God’s sake I was scared to tell my mom, and I didn’t want the whole Juba to find out what was going on. When Peace started spreading rumors about me, I knew it was time to get an adult into the situation, by walloping her”.

These all started when they actually had some beat of rumbles of the past when Neetah accidentally broke Peace’s phone so in return Peace forcefully got Neetah’s phone and broke it into pieces. Neetah’s senior two dropout lover was angered and walloped Peace into pieces in defense.

As per now Keidi Peace is rotting in Munuki Police station according our sources.