It’s now official! Beautiful singer Neetah Baby has dumped her long time columnist boyfriend Mr. Sabuni, moved on and she has just jumped into a brand new relationship.

The flexible singer who just returned from Uganda where she went to market her latest music has found a new guy exactly her height. (Remember she has a song Wewe which talks about people mistaking her for being Ugandan for being short?)

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Well she found herself a Junubin lad almost her height. The singer and her new guy who is said to be working at US embassy were all over each other at the Mask Bar on Wednesday. We are told her new guy is called BOB.

They were all lovely-dovey. They really had fun. The lad was grinding and daggering her seriously while Neetah who is good dancer was just bending over. They were kissing and flirting publicly the whole time. Too bad it was not in a VIP section of the club but at the ordinary seats of the packed club.

Meanwhile singer Pepsy Jay who has crush on Neetah Baby is still on a mission to win her. He told HIJ last week that Neetah and him were destined to be together. Read here.