Before deciding to marry a lady or your long-term partner, there are things you may have to consider and see their prevalence in them. This may not really be who you want them to be or who they change to be at your request. The best attributes or qualities of a wife are inbuilt. They are born with them and they are nurtured through the course of life.

But what are the attributes you need to see in a lady before you decide to settle down with them? Here are some of the attributes of a lady.

1. Careful and orderly

A wife material shall always be careful with what she does. There is that order that they set out to do things and carefully follow it to the latter. It is just a sign of someone who is able to take care of the affairs of a family.

2. Mature and secretive

A lady who is ripe to start a home is always secretive and mature about the little things. Whether they concern her or not, she will always behave maturely in handling issues.

3. Enjoys adventure

A lady who enjoys adventure and not sitting and lazying around is the best. These kinds of ladies know how to take care of their men and are not in any way emotionally manipulative of their men. They like it that way.

4. Take things as they come

A lady ripe to live with a man, successfully, is always ready to face situations. Whether the situations she is put under are good or bad, she will be raring to face them head on and not doing rounds about the problem.

5. Focused on perfection

Nothing can be made perfect and nothing is essentially perfect. A mature lady ripe for marriage will however always strive for that. They will always want to see to it that all they stand for is just near perfect.