The minister of higher education, Yen Oral has said he was not aware of the existence of a foreign university in Bor, Jonglei State, which recently awarded degrees in theology to nearly 400 students.

“I don’t whether they graduated or it’s called a university,” Yen Oral said

The Nation to Nation Christian university – abbreviated as N2N – is US based ministerial school, which offers diplomas as well as two and four-year degrees in Biblical Studies and in Evangelism through Community Development.

On the 3rd of November, N2N graduated 371 students – among them 13 females – who were awarded certificates, diplomas and degrees.

One of the students said that the graduands were awarded just after one-year Theology course.

The graduation has been criticized by South Sudanese online, who questioned the duration of the degree courses.

Yen Oral, the minister of higher education said his ministry has not licensed any university in Jonglei state apart from Dr. John Garang Memorial University.

“No am not aware, I never heard about it and it is not amongst the universities that am aware of and did collaboration with”