The National Security Service says it’s taking punitive measures against the officer involved in the abuse of power in Juba recently.

The senior officer publicly harassed and intimidated civil servants at the High Court in Juba on Monday.

“It’s paramount to know that the behaviour displayed by the officer was an individual act and does not comply and present ethics and core values of the National Security members,” says David John, director of Public Relations at the Internal Security Bureau.

The Blue House said it is investigating Brigadier General Gum Agok for allegedly pointing a gun at employees of the high court.

The incident happened at the Chief Registrar at the court premises in Juba

According to police, General Gum stormed into the Office of the Registrar of Land and ordered that his name be recognized as the owner of disputed land in Juba.

General Gum is claiming ownership of the land at Juba Nabari, an area popularly known as Thongpiny, near Juba International Airport.

But the registrar of land reportedly refused to change the title deed without proper documents to backup Gum’s land ownership claims.

His security guards reportedly held a gun on the head of the Registrar of Land.

It is said that General Gum allegedly forced the registrar and his deputy into a car, locked the door and threatened to cause harm if they tried to call anyone on phone.

The National Security Service says it has placed the suspect on compulsory leave.

“It is worth to clarify to the general public that, the alleged officer is currently under administrative arrest undergoing intense investigation and the law will take its course,” John continued.

He says investigations on the matter are ongoing.

David John said General Gum did not act by the conduct of the National Security Act.

He warned officers against violating individual rights just because they work for the National Security Services.

“The National Security Service takes this allegation of this misconduct very seriously and the service wants to inform and assure the general public that any violators or abuses of power of all kinds displayed by the members will not be tolerated,” he added.

Via Eye Radio