A South Sudan National Security Service (NSS) officer has died by suicide at a hotel in the country’s Western Bahr el Ghazal state capital Wau after reportedly being involved in a domestic dispute with his wife.

Speaking to media on Monday evening, Western Bahr el Ghazal police commissioner Major-General Samuel Ajuong said the unidentified officer died at a hotel in Wau and were still investigating circumstances in which he committed suicide.

He said preliminary investigations have suggested that the late national security officer has been in a dispute over financial issues with his wife for a while suggesting that the domestic dispute may have played a central role in the cause of suicide.

“First of all when the officer died on Thursday night, we made and investigation and what we found at that time is that the officer died of suicide and other information we have is that he has been in domestic problems with his wife over family financial situation,” Ajuong said.

“So these are the information we get from the first reports of investigation, but we are still doing investigations to find out more information,” he added.

Source: Sudans Post