The editor in chief of the Dawn newspaper says he could not publish today’s edition due to intimidation and threats by some National Security Service officers.

Emmanuel Monychol says the printing press was blocked from printing the daily paper by the national security officials deployed at the printing Centre.

However, he claims that the national security officer was insisting that an opinion article be replaced with an advert.

Monychol believes that this was meant to conceal the possible damage to the image of Blue House, which has been carrying out censorship on the media houses in the country.

He says for the past one week, NSS officer assigned to universal printing had been asking their newsroom to remove an article and insert universal printers advertisement, which they refused.

“So when they removed the article they said we don’t want the public to know that the article has been removed, so we want an advertisement to cover this,” Monychol explained to Eye Radio on Wednesday.

“They did that twice, yesterday was the third time, so we told them today we are not going to accept to replace an article in our newspaper with an advertisement, so they said ok if you don’t want to remove and place an advertisement on it to make it appear that we are not removing article then will totally stop printing the paper, so totally stop printing last night and that’s what happened.”

Several journalists have either quit journalism or left the country due to intimidation, attack, and harassment by the National Security Service.

This still occurs despite the existence of media laws and the media regulatory body – Media Authority.

The media regulatory authority is yet to commend on the claims.