A South Sudanese and a Liberian have been arrested by authorities in Juba for possessing more than a million in fake foreign currencies.
The National Security announced on Monday the arrest of the two with fake dollars.

National security disclosed that the 57-year-old Liberian, Daniel Boro, and the South Sudanese scam artist were arrested in a suburb of the capital, Juba with bags with fake dollars.

The Liberian who has been in the country trading in fake currency since 2016, disclosed that he has been working with West African in the country to launder and counterfeiting dollars to sell to unsuspecting citizens.

“My partners are mostly West African, I Have worked with them since 2018 but most of them left,” Daniel said while speaking to Journalist.

While speaking to the media, an official from National Security said that the fake dollars had many features that were giving red flags.

“As you can see these dollars, the serial numbers are the same…And as you can see from these notes here, they are paper-like and the texture isn’t authentic,” the official said.

As the dollar crisis continues to be a menace, the government is placing measures to curve the inflation caused by the dollar crisis in the market.

Joint security operatives have in the past nabbed criminals flooding the market with fake dollars.