Names of those killed in Jalle payam attack released

Jalle Attack

SPLM-IO’s Jesus Deng MAdingcha has released the names the people who were killed the in recent in Aboudit of Jalle payam – Jonglei state. Jesus who hail from Bor said he stand with the family of the deceased.with the families of deceased innocent men and women in Aboudit of Jalle

‘I stand with the families of deceased innocent men and women in Aboudit of Jalle payam – Jonglei state. It is heart breaking to see young lives wasted in a senseless way,” He said.

The followings are the names of those that were killed in the attack by the elements of Murle:
1.Jol Alier wei, pagol
2. Matiop Akuak , pagol.
3. Chol monydhoor,pagol.
4. Chol Nyok Dut pagol.
5. Awan Akuok, pagol.
6. Malith majier Ayuen, Amabith
7. Makur Chop, Pagol.
8. Kuch Deng thiong, Kol.
9. Nyuon Ayuen Akuak, Pagew.
10. Maketh Riak, Pen.
11. Mayen Ngong Mayen, Penn.
12. Achok makol wife of Deng mading. Amabith.
13. Majok Mayen Malek, Penn.
14. Lueth Jiel, Pagew.
15. Akon Kuol, Amabith.
16. Ajith Nhial Majok, Penn.
17. Chol kur Nyok, Alian.
18. Atong lual, Amabith.
19. Athieng Angok Ajak, Pagol.
20.Nhial Bul Lang, Amabith.
21. Nyalueth Awaar Ting Majok Akuak, Pagol.
22.Achol Mach Ting Ayuen Magot, Penn.
23. Kelei Mayen Jok, Pagol.
24. Chie Chol Jok Mayen, Pagol.
25.Agok Gak Mareng ku meth Nyande, Pagol.
27. Mading Malaak Deng, Amabith.
28. Ayom Jol Alier Wei, Pagol.
29. Mayol Ajeth, Penn.

Our thoughts are with their families; may their soul rest in eternal peace.

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