Nairobi based South Sudanese rapper Domination has called out his fellow musician and event organiser MC Ghetto following an incident where the rapper was barred from entering a night club during a South Sudan’s Martyrs’s Day event in Nairobi.

The rapper told Hot in Juba that he was denied entry to the VIP section by the bouncers on Ghetto’s orders despite being one of the performers at the packed event. Dommie as he is commonly known claims he was not accorded VIP treatment he deserved, being one of the celebrities on the perfromance list.

The rapper shortly after the event took to social media where he sent subliminal shots at event organisers and singer MC Ghetto who is known for organising South Sudanese events in Kenya.

“I got a powerful voice n I already proved it. Fuck the party to me it was bullshit. Bt thank God I know their weakness advantage I’m gon use it……ahahah …………….to be honest ’em mc’s fake…..bought a meat n it’s beef
Hope u’ved cook ugali coz my broda we gon eat,rest in peace…..fuck ’em.” Ranted the irritated pin-sized rapper.

The lyricist squarely blames MC Ghetto for the incident. He also decried exploitation by South Sudanese event organisers in Kenya who lure upcoming artists into performing at their shows for free.

“It’s the organisers I was even denied to perform and my fans were waiting for me. In Nairobi artists r selfish…they only use people to gain profit u don’t get paid n still they disrespect you…I promoted their show n was part of it bt I wasn’t allowed into VIP section, I was restricted to ordinary section and that I should stop movement while others walk freely.” He told HIJ when asked.

“In Nairobi artists only get into shows for free…but you are not paid after performances but when you complain, the next time they have a show they don’t involve u. MC ghetto, he’s killing people’s talent in fact he envies every upcoming artist coz he knows nothing about music.” He explained.

Domination popularly known as Dommie is the lead rapper of South Sudanese music crew BOS based in Nairobi, Kenya.