Juma Saed Ali, one of the leaders of Muslim community in South Sudan has condemned the beheading of a Christian man in Libya who was identified as a South Sudanese national.

ISIS’ faction in Libya recently released a video showing the captive wearing an orange jumpsuit making a short statement in which he gave his name and nationality. His executor justified the murder on the grounds of revenge for alleged persecution of Muslims in South Sudan.

In an interview with Radio Tamazuj on Tuesday, Sheikh Juma said the beheading of a South Sudanese Christian by the Islamic State (IS) in Libya is not an act that represents the views of Muslims in South Sudan. The sheikh further said the so-called ‘Islamic State’ know nothing about how Muslims live with Christians in South Sudan.

“We, as Muslims in South Sudan, the Christians are our brothers,” he said. “God said in Quran that the Christians are closer to Muslims in terms of love, so we condemn what was done by the IS,” he added.

The Muslim leader further praised South Sudan’s government for granting the people of South Sudan freedom of religion. Juma advised the South Sudanese to be watchful, claiming South Sudan could be targeted in an attempt to cause havoc and division among its citizens.

“There is no such an act in South Sudan, no Muslim was killed in South Sudan, and no Muslim was persecuted in South Sudan,” he said “In Ramadan, Christians share fasting with us, moreover, our president is a Christian, but he organizes a dinner for us and gives us money for pilgrimage,” he explained.

Radio Tamazuj