One just needs to be careful on what he or she consumes especially foods while in Juba, so as to avoid situations where you end up on a hospital bed or worse, dead.

The latest victim to food poisoning is an upcoming South Sudanese musician by the name SBizzy.He says he survived food poisoning during a  brief in Juba. He was rushed to a hospital in Kampala where he recieved treatment and is currently doing better.

Sbizzy known for his popular song “Mafi Zol” while still under agonizing pain from the food took to social saying that he has forgiven the people behind the poisoning.

“I think poison pain is much more painful than labour pain.Been thinking what I did wrong to deserve this.

Maybe because I was just being me.

Whoever did this or is behind this , whatever you are God has forgiven you, I have forgiven you, my family and friends have forgiven you..Only simple request don’t do it to any other person please , ” he posted on Social media.