Dancehall artist, Pur Nhial better known as PNC Stunaz who was arrested last month for allegedly robbing a shop in Juba has been released from jail.

The singer took to social media to announce his release from jail after almost a month detention for allegedly robbing shops in Tongping. He denied the allegations.

Musician PNC arrested for robbing shops in Juba

According to the artist, he was released last week on Friday, he claims that his arrest was all a ‘set up’ from people who never liked him.  He denied accusations of robbery and said he is innocent and that is why he was released, stressing that there was no case against him.

”CID personnel came to my house at 10pm after they suspected me of having guns in the house, after searching my house and found no guns, they took me to Nyakuron police station for investigation and accused me of hiding guns…. that’s why I was in jail,” the singer told HIJ.

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