Singer MC Lumoex has finally fulfilled his pledge of giving 50 percent of his concert money to pay the school fees of ten orphans at Juba Orphanage.
The singer handed over 40,000SSP cash to Angelo Kenyi Samuel, the Director of Juba Orphanage to pay the school fees of the orphans for a year.
“As I had promised when I was organizing my video premier to pay for ten orphans, today I am here to fulfill my pledge and also send a message out to people to reflect that these children who are parentless need our support,” he said. “They are the future of this country.”
The singer not only gave the school fees but also bought 100 kilograms of maize flour, sugar, salt to support the feeding of the children. He also donated football and volley balls to the orphanage.
Taban Emmanuel, a member of Okay Africa Foundation also gave the center 10 pairs of shoes and 80 school bags, reams of papers, pens, and books to support the school going orphans study.
“We are all happy today that we are able to bring whatever we have to help these children and as Okay Africa Foundation, we promise to continue supporting these orphans so that they too can have a bright future like other children,” said Taban.
The Director of the Center, Angelo Kenyi appreciated Okay Foundation and MC Lumoex for their support to the Center.
“I thank everyone and Okay Africa Foundation for all these,” he said. “They have always supported the center since last year and I wish people out there learn from them that the responsibility of these children is for all of us,” Kenyi said.