Renown musician, Garang Ateny has reportedly escaped unharmed an assassination attempt in Juba on Tuesday, according to a close source to Ateny.

“On Tuesday night at 9:30pm local time, singer Prof Garang Ateny on board with his 6 Music band team while on his way from his house attending a show he was honored to perform in fall in the ambush of the now known gunmen,” he said.

According to the source, Ateny and his band of musicians were attacked at KCB near Konyokonyo when a joint operative started spraying bullets on the Hummer he was driving.

“Upon reaching Court Avenue Junction near KCB #konyokonyo branch where Joint Operation is deployed, heard sporadic shooting and didn’t know it was his car being shot at. Hummer was shattered by the window glasses.”He stopped and came out of his car, immediate the Joint Operation personnel appeared shouting at him to their disarray they notice him and from there no one was claiming the responsibility of the incident yet they were the forces available on the ground,” he said.

He added that Ateny stopped the car and came out of the car and the Joint Operation personnel noticed him since he is also a soldier, the shooters drove off in their Landcruiser.
The police are investigating the incident.