South Sudanese musician Daniel Dhal moniker Dinganyai has released a new song titled Facebook which has sparked debate on social media.

The song was released shortly after the controversial arrest of his wife went viral on social.

Dinganyai in the song, recommends censoring of Facebook in South Sudan and God to punish South Sudanese he calls haters.

“Our country will not be stable unless Facebook is closed…..People who abuse people, gossips we will report you to God,” he sings the chorus in Dinka.

Last week, Dinganyai went viral on social media after he arrested his ex-wife who he accuses of being irresponsible and a drunkard. The wife had a different story, she alleged that the musician is abusive and humiliated her while arrested her.

The arrest didn’t go well with South Sudanese feminists on Social media. They asked for the boycott of Dinganyai music and speedy release of the woman.

Listen to the song here.