Nairobi based rapper Natty P has lashed out at Radio Miraya’s music presenter and producer Moro Lokombu of The Beat with Moro Lokombu program.

The rapper on his Facebook accused the presenter of tribalism at the station when selecting songs to be played on air. The frustrated Natty P says the presenter only plays Equatorian musicians’ songs, neglecting other artists from other parts of the country.

He said Moro plays only J Family, Silver X, Mr. Lengs, Nimaya and Isaka, all who are Equatorians.

In one case the rapper alleged that a song of Cuzoos Clan was requested by a listener from Wau during the afternoon request show but was never put on air and instead, sport updates were put on air.

“Instead of calling it Miraya FM why don’t you just call it Equatorial FM,” the rapper said of the UN Radio Miraya.

This is not the first artists have complained about discrimination by Moro. Last year Silver X complained about the issue.