Upcoming musician and son of popular businessman known musically as Max Young has accused musicians MT7 and Emma 47 of sending a gang led by Emma’s brother Chudie to attack him last week.

According to our source, the incident happened at the Mask Bar and was officially confirmed by Max when contacted by Hot in Juba this week.

“I got a problem with Chudie [Emma’s brother], Emma 47, MT7 and the all of their Lakes State bros and friends.

I went out and just in 30mins some guy came around saying that I caused a problem a week earlier in Mask. I told him that I wasn’t here. Then they started increasing one by one. They became really many. Then the police came in and they took me to my car then I went,” he explained.

Asked why he thinks the guys were sent by Emma and MT7, he said: “They were sent to fight me by Chudie, Emma and MT7 because I took Chudie’s girl but I had some guards”.

The musician who is based in Uganda says he has nothing to do with Chudie or group of his brother.

“That’s not what I am upto, they didn’t do anything. They were just talking a lot you know, I have nothing to do with them. It was a set up from Emma 47, MT7 and Chudie, so no worries I know what I will do. They hating on me because I ball. So I have nothing to do with them,” he said.