Celebrated musician and activist, Rapper Hot Dogg who is in the US for his July tour, has met some of the upcoming musicians in the State to feature in the new album he intends to launch soon.

Of the upcoming artist Hot Dogg met, Triple X younger brother, Ken Sultan stood out.

According to a source in the Amerilldogo in Texas, USA Ken has teamed with rapper Hot Dogg to record a song which they will launch soon.

“Ken and Hot Dogg met and they have talked about working on possible future projects, the song will be recorded soon and maybe premiered at Miss South Sudan, USA which is organized by Ken’s big bro, Tripple X,” the source said.

Rapper Hot Dogg slated to launch his music company dubbed Esho! & Nyamasaying Entertainment has been scouting for musicians to sign to his company. According to his manager, the company which was registered early this year is set to sign South Sudanese musician living in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan for the start.

Watch Ken Sultan video below: