Ugandan Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa believes President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s intellect and is beyond human; perhaps next to God’s.

Nankabirwa said yesterday that the President is superhuman both in his thinking and deeds.

This, she said, is the reason he has devoted most of his precious life to see that Ugandans come out of poverty.

“He is a very devoted man. Like Jesus, he left the comforts of the world and decided to use his life to help Ugandans out of poverty and misery,” said the government whip.

Nankabirwa was on Friday speaking at Nyeikumana Primary School in Muhanga Town Council, Rukiga district during the district’s belated Women’s Day celebrations.

She told residents that now that Parliament had removed the only hurdle for people with stamina Museveni to run for President, She and other women around the country would ask him to run again in 2023.

“Women in the country are set for war with President Museveni to ask him to stand again in 2023. It is the belief of Ugandan women that this man is God-sent. We know that he will not disobey God.”

At the event, Nankabirwa blasted the opposition members of parliament who she likened to basamize (witch doctors), due to their efforts to block the age limit constitutional amendment.

She said however, that the opposition will not stop the NRM’s efforts including the ongoing push to extend the term of the president from 5 to 7 years, through a referendum.

Source: Courtesy