MTN has started testing it’s long-overdue LTE (4G) proposition in the country becoming the first operator to launch the 4G technology.

According to a source, the 4G network is currently being tested at Amarat, Gumbo and some parts of Munuki ahead of the official rollout and launch next month.

Some internet users with 4G-enabled mobile phones and simcards have started seeing the change in network signal. 4G enabled handsets are now showing ‘LTE’ or ‘4G’ which replaces the old 3G signal of ‘H’.

The technology is the second most advanced after the launch of 5G in 2019 in some countries.

The 4G network promises to pass on significant improvements in data speeds and latency to MTN customers while maintaining superior voice quality.

Another source told Hot in Juba that Zain, the second telecommunications operator in the country is also planning to role out their 4G network early next year.

The coming of 4G is expected to drive the growth of Internet users in the country.

South Sudan is among the last countries migrating to 4G as most countries are now already migrating to 5G.
MTN and Zain are the only mobile network operators in South Sudan after closure of Gemtel and Vivacell few years ago.