Top dancehall artists Yogo Man and MT7 were involved in a brawl that took place last night at Mask Bar in Juba. According to eyewitness, Yogo Man was knocked out flat by MT7 in a petty fight which was caused by Yogo Man calling MT7 rebel.

We are told MT7 was not happy by Yogo Man calling him ‘rebel’. Eyewitness tells HIJ that MT7 entered club and went to say hi to his colleague in music but Yogo Man instead jokily said; “What’s up rebel” and the word rebel seems to have not gone down well with MT7.

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The two dancehall singers got into argument and Yogoman punched MT7 first in the face. The infuriated MT7 punched back and he practically knocked out Mr Bubble Fi Mi Gal, Yogo Man.

The fight was later separated by friends and celebrities present in the club.

A source also told HIJ that MT7 was not happy with Yogo Man who is a close associate of Jack Pro, who was recently involved in a tussle over a baby with MT7. Our source said MT7 might have thought that Yogoman was throwing shades at him over the baby controversy.