The feud between two South Sudanese music heavy weights Mr. Lengs and Silver X has been ongoing for years although Silver has repeatedly denied having a beef with anyone.

The feud took a new twist recently when the musicians decided take matters into their own hands by going physical in a recording studio last month. The beef was ignited by accusations that Silver as been stealing Lengs’ songs and twist them into his own.

We spoke to Mr. Lengs recently to explain the genesis of the beef.

“Silver has been stealing my songs for years and I warned him several times to stop since he can’t be a superstar by stealing other musician’s songs,” he told HIJ’s John Masura.

“He didn’t listen, so when I was in Kampala I recorded the song Juba Karabu regarding the insecurity in the city. I came back to Juba and released it to radio stations and when he saw the song was already a hit he ran to studio to record his version. I was informed that Silver was in recording my song and I came to studio and found him recording. I punched him and we were stopped by those in the studio. I also attacked him at Casablanca hotel and I’m going to continue to beat him up everywhere I see him to discipline him,” he narrated to John.

On his part Silver on FB declared a musical war on Lengs after the scuffle. The singer said nothing would stop him from his quest of dominating South Sudanese music industry.