The Deputy Speaker of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) Timothy Tot Chol has called on the public to stop accusing the parliament by labelling it “a rubberstamp” of the Executive.

Chol was reacting to complaints from some members of the public including some MPs that the Parliament is being intimidated by the Executive to pass some bills without properly studying them.

While speaking yesterday to press, Chol said just like any other institution in the country, the Parliament is also facing a lot of difficulties in terms of incompetent members of parliament.

“The assembly is not a rubber stamp of the executive as they think; it is because of our situation, first of all, the assembly is facing a lot of incompetent MPs, some who have never said anything in parliament because they cant speak Arabic or English,” he said.

Chol put part of the blame to the public for sending some MPs who he said don’t have the quality to handle some of the issues in the Parliament.

“The quality of the MPs who are sent to the assembly, I can also put blame on the public that it is you who brought these qualities of MPs to the assembly and if they are not serving their people very well, they have parts to blame,”  he said.

“So don’t blame your sons and daughters don’t accuse them of being partisan,” he continued.