The State Minister of Physical Infrastructure, Ayen Meen Ador and the State Legislative Assembly Chief Wipe, Santino Manyiel Mading were arrested on Friday.
The two were allegedly arrested by the Government of Gok State, according to a report by a family member in Gok state.

“One of the family members who spoke to Juba Monitor said the two officials were arrested on orders of the Gok State governor, Madhang Majok Meen during SPLM Caucus meeting on Friday afternoon.”
This brings the total number of top politicians arrested in Gok State to five since last week. Most of them, members of the State Legislative assembly. Last week, ten youth were arrested together with three Members of Parliament.
“All members of SPLM both in the assembly and in the cabinet attended the SPLM Caucus meeting chaired by the Governor of Gok State, and after the end of the meeting they got arrested and they are now with the National Security service,” the family member said.
He said no charges had been leveled against the arrested.
The Speaker of Gok State, Veronica Ujima Philip Dak confirmed the arrest of the Minister of Physical Infrastructure and assembly Chief Whip.
“I have not received charges against them; I am now told that the charges will be given to me on Monday (today),” she said.
She, however, said the two were arrested after SPLM Caucus meeting on Friday.
Dak said the two may have been arrested because of some of their words during the SPLM Caucus meeting or having a connection with illegal meetings which led to the arrest of other three MPs last week.
She said the immunities of the five MPs have not yet been lifted, but only the Minister of Physical Infrastructure had been relieved from her position.

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