A woman in Kapenguria, West Pokot County in Kenya has left residents stunned after she abandoned her husband and married the “Holy Spirit.”

The mother of six, since identified as Elizabeth Nalem alleged that the Holy Spirit led her to a pastor Albert Rumaita who bought her the wedding gown.

In a video seen by media, residents accompanied her in song and dance as she donned the gown during her wedding on May 26, 2021.

Residents graced the event in huge numbers to witness, what to them may have come as a shocker.

Nalem claimed that Pastor Rumaita led her into the path of righteousness, out of which she decided to “leave everything behind and preach the word of God.”

“Today I Bring you what you have never seen before. I searched for Him (God) and I found him, and now I have brought you the word.

“I have worked and done everything including bear children. But, God has called out to the world and people are yet to receive his word. I am one of them that has received his word and brought it to you,” an elated Nalem stated during her wedding.

“When God planned my wedding, I did not know what it meant. The temptations I have gone through forced me back to God. I resorted to my pastors to seek clarity,” she said.

Residents who spoke to media revealed that she had been mistaken for a mad person at first, retreating to prayer even at odd hours.

The husband revealed to the media that he was okay with her decision, adding that he will not stand in the way of her faith.

“I am okay with it. There are no two weddings, but I am shocked. I don’t understand what is happening,” he said.

He stated that they were married in a ceremony, and he had paid 22 cows for her bride price. He, however, noted that he is yet to understand whether she will reside with him or not following the wedding.

The ceremony extended to the streets of Kapenguria Town, where residents joined her in ululations, songs, and dances.