There are reports that Miss World South Sudan Director Nyanut Ring is cynically reluctant to facilitate and lead preparation of the recently crowned queen, Ajah Kiir over what sources described as “hopelessness” ahead of Miss World competition on 19th December 2015 in China.

Nyanut was quoted by our source as saying Ajah is a poor and incompetent public speaker citing a workshop held at Crown Hotel recently where Ajah was invited to address government officials on her projects and hopefully mobilize funds for her ticket to China but all was in vain.

“Seriously I always like someone who take prize in her confidence, she is not really serious. The competition will be more than what she has seen in TVs…things totally changed when you finally stand on that stage with flag of your country shining while, you must give the best of you, ” Nyanut reportedly said.

A source told HIJ that Nyanut is hopeless over Ajah performance ahead of the competition, adding that she is also inexperienced model who could wage world war-3 for simple criticism. Ajah will join tens of beauty queens from different part of the world to compete for Miss World title.