An emergency team from the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization has arrived in Bor South Sudan to respond to a case of mass food poisoning. Hundreds of people have been hospitalized for suspected food poisoning in Bor

Kuai Deng Kuai, the director general of the state ministry of health, said today that the 300 people remain in hospital.

“A young girl died in the neighborhood but she was not brought to the hospital,” he said.

Kuai further said they are investigating the cause, but suspected poor hygiene. “For now, we anticipate the problem to have resulted from food poisoning, probably related to poor hygiene,” he said.

The government official pointed out that the incident happened during a function in the town of Bor. H indicated that they have taken blood and food samples to the laboratory in Juba to ascertain the actual cause and the results will be released soon.

Kuai assured the general public that the situation is under control.” Those who are admitted are responding well,” he said.