Son of Cabinet Affairs minister Martin Elia Lomuru named Jimmy Elia studying at United States International University (USIU) in Kenya was allegedly assaulted by 3 Nigerian guys last Saturday.

According Jimmy one of his attackers is dating a Junubi girl who he is “close” with.

“There is no clear review [sic] of the attack, but one of the guys, me and the girlfriend are close. One of my friends also told me before to be careful coz of the way I appear in public and I didn’t put it into consideration but am yet to find out exactly what’s going on,” Jimmy explained to HIJ when contacted.

“Their mission was to enter ma room since I pushed them out and I fought them. The neighbors came out so they ran and one of them managed to grab ma chain but am cool with whatever,” he continued.

Jimmy said he sustained minor injuries during the scuffle. His upper lip was injured. He said he lost his expensive silver chain to the attackers.

The matter has been reported to the university security and the police.