Support staff or ‘unclassified staff’ at the National Legislative Assembly have raised concerns over the distribution of donated food items by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.

The tons of rice were donated by the Chinese government as emergency food aid to South Sudan.

Last week, the Undersecretary at the Ministry, Gatwech Peter Kulang, said they were distributing the food items to subordinate government workers, those who receive less than 2000 Pounds per month.

There are over 700 support staff in the parliament.

“We do not understand what happened; the important thing is that this rice was worth 300 bags but the MPs took 200 bags and left us only 100 bags,” one angry staff said.

The food items are now being distributed as government workers have not been paid salaries for several months.

“I’m living by the grace of God just like the birds that are living in the wilderness together with the ants that God has created; they don’t harvest nor do they have a salary or anything,” said a Mr. John.

Chinese media have reported that its government handed over more than 1,000 tons of rice as part of 8,800 tons of rice pledged by China in April to help South Sudan fight severe food shortage.

Source: Eye Radio