Minister of Trade and Industry says natural resources are being smuggled abroad.

Moses Hussein told the ongoing exhibition to showcase locally produced goods that the items being smuggled include timber, gum Arabic, and coffee.

Mr. Hussein did not say how the natural resources are being unlawfully exported to foreign countries.

But he said some of the finished goods South Sudan imports were initially raw materials stolen from the country.

Mr. Hussein said the citizens need to recognize the value of the resources.

“Most of our resources such as gold, timber, teak, gum Arabic, coffee, and fish are being illegally smuggled out of the country and sold to the region and in the international market as if they are coming from different countries, which we know very well these products originate from South Sudan,” Mr. Hussein said.

Mr. Hussein said the leadership needs to encourage local businessmen to become creative and innovative.

He also said there is need to invest in industrial development in order to increase local production of goods and services.

The five-day exhibition started yesterday at the Nyakuron Cultural Center in Juba.

Via Eyeradio