South Sudanese musician should now smile and shake hands with a pat on the backs of Gbudwe state government officials after the state decided to ban foreign music and promote only junubin music on all its radio stations.

The state Minister of Information, Youth, Culture & Sports, Natali Sabuni this week issued a local decree stopping any Western, East or Central African songs being given more airplay than home music in the state.

The minister, Natali Sabuni made the announcement during an event organized to honor BBG Musica for winning the MTN/Eye Radio Music Awards in Juba.

BBG Musica won the ‘Best Traditional Artist’ category.

BBG Musica used to occasion organized to appreciate him for winning the awards to plead with the state gov’t for exclusive promotion of junubin music by all medias. He made the appeal on behalf of other artists in the state.

The Minister, in turn responded immediately by issuing the decree.

Gbudwe becomes the first state out of the 28 new states to officially advocate for promotion of South Sudanese music.