South Sudan’s Minister of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism, Jemma Nunu Kumba, has disowned social media accounts opened in her name.
Nunu said in a statement on Thursday that two separate social media accounts have been created in her name, adding the two fake accounts have been used to solicit assistance from people who know her.
Nunu, who is also the acting SPLM secretary general, said some people have been cheated and sent money. “I just want to inform all that somebody has opened a fake account in my name with all my profile and photos. He or she also communicates through messenger and another fake gmail account in my name,” said Nunu.
These groups, she said, operate from Uganda and have been conning many people for the last two years, where they pretend to be her when chatting with many people.
“On many occasions they have asked people to send money to clear my goods at the border, pay for cement in Uganda or for scholarships, claiming that I am outside the country on duty and will refund the money when I am back to Juba. Many innocent people have fallen into this trap, including some people from Zande community,” she said.
Nunu cautioned members of the public when dealing with people using her name. “So I want to caution all of you not to respond to any request for money by my name on any social media.
If I need any assistance from any of you, I will call you on phone or send someone to you. But even if I send someone, you should still confirm from me,” she said