Men are trash or dogs is the common noun that we’ve been seeing some of our modern women using; or rather, sitting in coffee shops writing lengthy paragraphs to publish on social media. As one of the victims, and for what I don’t know how it happened, allow me to use words like some of, a good number of; to make sure that innocent people from the opposite gender are not smeared with this. Dear Lord, please hear me out. Amen!

So, most women, if I’m not wrong, growing and middle-aged women in this society have been preaching awful hate lately about a sin that was committed by our elder brother (just maybe) without our consent. I agree. Women deserve to have their peace of minds. I also agree. Believe it or not, I might be the least to weigh a war against the entire woman fraternity.

That being said, before you start forming any WhatsApp group or creating another #MenAin’tShit to tear me apart for this, be rest assured that I, Zack Mayul, is not here to support men who advise their partners to opt for abortion, men who abandon their partners in critical conditions with no motives, neither am I trying to sympathize with influential rapists. No! Not in my small world where I’m cautious enough practicing ethics and legal issues on a small and large scale. I’m here as an egalitarian and my religion and daily codes are doctrines in egalitarianism.

The bible says sins would be judged individually, not collectively. Isn’t it fellas? So here is the thing. The other day, we were hanging out and then these hashtags drew our attention some years ago: #MenAreTrash. Well, to us (Twitter users), our main focus is always dictated by savage replies we read.

A lot of things were said. I realized three things: one, there are participants who sympathize with the author of the content; according to management, this would be treated under affiliate power. For those of you who may not know what this is, it’s simply the sense of association that one has towards someone or something that has a reputable status or image: an influential footballer, film star or be it supporting a powerful politician. Two, there were those who replied because they have no idea what they were talking about; and, three, there were those who replied from their very own experience; that might have had a different experience of their own, regarding different types of men that they have been into close contact. And, by close contact, I mean, this could be work, school or traveling together.

Anyway, if it was a lecturing hall, and I happened to be the guest speaker, I would have gone with the people who have had experience. Come on! I’m Zack Mayul. I’m less than seventy-five pounds heavier. I have no idea where you’re or what you drink. What am I even doing in this same basket with sardines?

Less than five years again, our women from the west designed a white t-shirt and printed on it in bulk with all the writings, “All Dengs Are Whores”. Really? My nephew, by then was just learning how to talk well. I wonder whose daughter’s heart he had broken at that toddler age when he was just busy learning to talk let alone the major things he had no idea going on around the world.

According to the law of egalitarianism, which is my religion, like I said, it dictates that we should all be treated equally – regardless of gender or where we stems form. I can’t say all men are saints, absolutely, I would be wrong; neither do I have the nerves to say all women are heartless. That’s in the relationship arena. But however, who in his five senses would clap as he draws blood of an innocent woman? The truth is, most vocal women miss one or two things, from time to time as they address their pressing issues. I know the “too much chauvinism” chart being rendered here and there by some men, I don’t deny it; but as much as it might be assumed to be by some men, I know, not every woman is happy for her bills to be cleared by men. There are men whom I thought should have not fall under the same hashtag. Note, not every member of your male staff yodels when you bypass him with your short mini-skirt as you walk to your desk, not every man in your neighborhood beats their partners. Come on, some women with harden muscles beat the hell out of their men who comes home late and drunk.

If the authors of the #hashtag were just doing it in the name of intimidating all men or to address their issues to the clueless men, then I have no idea. But the truth is, “All Men Are Trash” should not be a plural to drop all men together in one bin including those who have no idea about you or men who are closer to you. Here, if you’re not careful, your father could be a trash, your brother, your male cousins, your favorite uncles, your fiancé or boyfriend, and, of course, your boss, incase you have a male boss, is a trash. Another man you have never met should never be quantified to the bin.

Since it’s easy to say men are trash without apologies, how hard is it; if Zack Mayul and Insane Tweets aka Deng Forbes are trash, can’t they just get crucified alone and leave Sambro Lupai? Creating something like Zack Mayul, dark-skin, slim (by the way, for those of you who describes me as tiny, you’re indirectly undermining my creator), medium height, brown eyes, and owns the latest version of Infinix Android phone, is a trash. He lives in Gudele, Block 9, and House number kede. He is a trash and you’re all advised to shun any sort of association with him or whatsoever. In the month of June, he did this and that; and, we, the South Sudan Women Association Group (SSWAG) who ran the #MenAreTrash, from today onwards, strictly condemns his ill acts. He should stop this and that. Simple. How hard is that?

So dear men who are being hanged on the walls of wrong living rooms, with no idea, for there is nothing they have done, do not shave your beards this month until the matter is resolved once and for all; don’t change your diets, do not drive past Luri County, do not send random jokes like you used to do to anybody when leaving the office. Let the Garangs, the Wanis and the Gatlauks explain their wrongdoings. There are pressing issues that need to be discussed. Kindly don’t be part of this scolding predicament. We’re not part of this game. Hallelujah?


By Zack Mayul