The economic crisis in the country has grilled the citizens for long and it has now started smoking out senior government officials out of the luxury they used to enjoy during the ‘good days’ of Juba.

Recently a senior government official, Mary Nyarieka Lorjok who is an honourable member of parliament took to social media, decrying how the situation in the country has gone crazy. She questions if a member of a parliament can be reduced to using a motorbike popularly known as ‘Pikipiki’ in Juba to get to parliament, what about ordinary civil servants?

“family and friends I have arrived safely in my Job place which is parliament using pick pickings as a member of National Legislature Assembly what about normal civil service who can not afford SSP200 on a daily basis. God help South Sudan,”  Honourable MP posted.

The situation in Juba is a case of out of frying pan onto a landmine. senior govt officials are getting the bitter taste of the economic crisis.