When one reads or watch content about South Sudan online or through various media, one is likely to twitch from all the negative energy from the contents however one young South Sudanese from Kakuma Refugee is here to change that narrative.

Gai D. Mayen, known to many as Adi Gai a serious cinematographer, scriptwriter and editor on a mission to show to the world the beautiful side of South Sudan.

From an early age, Gai developed a keen interest in film. He started out as an actor before being a best boy at various music video production set. He featured in Alijoma’s music video as a street kid.

When he got a chance to study film and journalist, he enrolled at Filmaid’s film classes where he graduated as a cinematographer.

His efforts both as a director and a scriptwriter have seen him release his first films.

While speaking to HIJ, Gai, who owns Hagana Films said that he hopes with the power of the camera and his creativity he will change the way the world looks at South Sudan.

“With This camera, I will use it to showcase South Sudan’s beauty to the world. Currently, the world have this stereotype perception about South Sudan and Junubin,” he said.

Gai, who is currently in Juba to document South Sudan beauty says that apart from lack of finances to fund video production and buy gears, he also faces other challenges like security men harassment. He appeals to the government and concern group to support youth-based initiative.

The first film titled “500 Cows” released in 2019 received wide support in the camp and the film has been nominated at STA annual Award for the best movie of the year.

Click this link to votes for “500 Cows” as the best movie of the year