Adorable rabbit wins thousands of fans online for his VERY impressive wardrobe.

While Insta-famous dogs and cats are commonplace on social media, one very stylish rabbit is now making a name for himself.

PuiPui, an adorable Holland Lop bunny from Tokyo, boasts over 24,000 followers on Instagram, and it’s not difficult to see why.

The chic rabbit is often snapped living it up in very intricate outfits and costumes thanks to his proud owner Mumitan.
‘The most stylish bunny in the world,’ Mumitan has written on her Instagram bio.

‘I make all the costumes for my bun.’

Snaps of PuiPui show him dressed up in an array of creative costumes – from Sherlock-inspired get-ups to a corporate look complete with a tie and glasses.
PuiPui has also rocked an adorable ‘guardsman’ look, posed in a royal outfit with a crown and cape and at Christmas, proudly donned a Santa hat and matching tiny cape.

For the FIFA World CUP PuiPui appeared in a soccer outfit with an accompanying ball and he was recently snapped posing next to a camera.

‘PuiPui is the most famous photographer in the world,’ Mumitan wrote next to the picture.
Each photo is also framed with props and creative backdrops including laptops, vibrant pink sakura petals and simple white walls.

The bunny has also had a starring role in the promotion of Sydney’s first ever bunny cafe in Melbourne.

Snaps of the rabbit have flooded the cafe’s Facebook in the lead up to its opening.

While no date has been confirmed, those behind the cafe have collaborated with the Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage, Victoria’s first and only no-kill rabbit shelter, to ensure they can offer rabbits to foster upon opening.

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