It’s the world where you can wear anything and nobody gives a sh*t about it. A South Sudanese man in Australia has taken it to extra heights rocking women clothes since he left Sudan for Australia.
The man, Franco Lokiru in his late twenties, while speaking to Hot in Juba said that he feels comfortable and good in women clothing.

He denied that he would want to change his sex like the case of Layla Kingston who became the first South Sudanese man to change to a woman.
“You know I am not thinking of changing into being a woman, I just find it sexy and comfortable being in women clothing. But maybe in the future when I have enough money, I might go for surgery and make my dream come true,” he said.

Franco, a passionate artist denied that he is a gay although a source close to him alleges that Franco is gay as does makeups, walk and talk like a girl and does everything girlish.

Check him out rocking in women clothes.