Africa’s self-proclaimed president of comedy, Eric Omondi, has just premiered his controversial show, Wife Material on October 19.

The show featured two slender South Sudanese girls namely, Elizabeth Achol and Ayen Monica. The two are representing South Sudan in Season 3 of the show.

While introducing herself on the show, Elizabeth Achol said that she is a fashion model, a student, and a businesswoman. She further explains why she joined the show.

“I heard Eric Omondi is looking for a wife and I am a full package. The only thing you cant find in me is keeping me in the house bcoz I am a woman that works,” Achol proudly spokes on the show.

While Ayen Monica, introduced herself as a gorgeous, dark-skin South Sudanese woman who is in the show to win because he has qualities of a wife needed by Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi.

Since the debut of the show last year, controversy has followed Omondi. Kenya’s former Films and Classifications Board chair Ezekiel Mutua was hot on Eric’s heels calling for the banning of the show. Ezekiel had termed the show “immoral” and even had Eric arrested in March, for producing and distributing the show. After stamping a PG rating on Wife Material, Eric is back with it.

Sections of viewers have wondered if the comedian is indeed looking for a wife or whether the show is purely comedy antics. In response, Eric proclaimed that he was truly searching for a spouse. “Yes, I was looking for a wife. Whether I get a wife or not, I’m not sure, but I’m looking for a wife. It’s not for comedy; it’s not funny, not a laughing matter“, he said.

The show is being shot in his new Karen mansion in Nairobi, Kenya. Wife material will begin airing on Tuesday next week.


Watch the First Episode of Season Three Here: