Perhaps the greatest amusement of many would be how South Sudan would grow to be a great technology hub in the East African region after series of political instability witnessed in the past, creating a hostile environment for technological enhancements. But that should not the case anymore, thanks to Mading Roben Maluk, an IT and Telecom specialist from South Sudan, currently based in Kampala, Uganda.

By interacting with him, you will be amazed by the diversity of his skills in the software engineering world despite the unrest in his country. Mr. Maluk, CEO at Micodelabs, is a fully experienced and innovative IT and Telecom professional by specializing vastly in software engineering. He utilizes highly attuned analytical as well as technical skills to develop solutions to technical commercial quagmires as well as come up with IT and business strategies while employing cutting-edge technologies to increase productivity thus providing technical business solutions.

His main areas of expertise include  mobile app, as well as web application development, cloud computing, Linux and Windows system administration which requires high end tech skills, Telecommunication systems, Telecom Value Added Services-VAS) (handling of bulk SMS, MTopUp, sponsorME, Mobile Banking, Mikrokit routing and switching, mobile notification systems, and Internet Service Provision (ISP) among others.

Mr. Maluk is also the senior software engineer at the Micodelabs and the IT system manager at Trueline Africa Limited based in Kampala, Uganda. He, together with Micodelabs boast of a list of some of their successful projects which have been incorporated in the modern day life and have been in use for a period of time by various organizations.

They include EcliMoney which is a mobile money payment and transfer system just like Kenya’s Mpesa, which Mading demonstrated to us in the referenced web link. Mading told us in an interview that the reason he didn’t put the app into implementation was due to lack of investors to fund the project. Eclipse POS, “an intelligent point of sale system” which is majorly used at the POST-Point Of Sale Terminal in supermarkets and malls, Mocda a school management system to aid in day-to-day school routines, E-Voucher distribution system using the mobile POS devices for selling airtime and Jobax, an online job advertisement and recruitment portal which is an advancement of the South Sudan NGO forum.

With such outstanding tech skills in the market during this 21st century, Mr. Maluk seems to assure his customers of an outstanding service delivery and product packages that will sort out all their business needs while assuring proficiency and reliability without forgetting user friendliness and scale-ability. Micodelabs has grown to be one of the best software engineering companies in the region.

Source: Talk of Juba