Like other young Junubi girls who want their voices and perspectives heard out there on daily matters in the society.The five-member team of sisters,cousin and a friend have created a youtube channel  to vlog bravely about issues from their perspective.

The Vloggers dubbed “From Sisters’ Perspective are a group of young female Junubins who are    based in Melbourne Australia. The Vlog  “From a sisters’ perspective”  discusses educative,entertaining and sometimes controversial programs from their own point of view.

These young vloggers are brave enough to share their perspectives to the large online Junubin community in the world and the vlog serves as a unique, fresh source of entertainment.

The five-member team of “From a sisters’ Perspective” is made up of Beckie Johnz, Roda Johnz, Lizzy Atong, Achai  and Akim Dau. Becky first conceived the idea in 2014 before it finally became a reality and early this year they  shoot the first episode of “From the sisters perspective”

So far the response to their vlog has been tremendous on YouTube from all over the world.

The ladies urges Junubin to keep being supportive to the blog as they have a lot more to offer.

“we will be different,we don’t want to script anything but speak from our heart and in the moment,regardless of what the topic may be! Regardless of what we choose to speak about, we’re always gonna speak based on our experience/opinions , it’s gonna be brutal, it’s gonna be honest and maybe sometimes unexpected or even obnoxious at time!”, member of the vlog said.

Watch and subscribe to their vlog on Youtube here.

Check out “From a sisters’ Perspective” promo video