It is now official that Sunday De John’s tenure as South Sudan United Front[SSUF] member and spokesperson has come to an end.

But who is  Amb. Nyamach Nyang Choul, the woman who took over the coveted job of SSUF spokesperson?

Not much information exists about her, but here is what we managed to get:

In her latest press briefing, she came across as a calm, thoughtful and eloquent but firm communicator.

31-year-old Nyamach is a seasoned young woman who has worked in the government since 2011 when she was in her 20s.

Prior to her spokesperson appointment, she served at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2011 and joined SSUF in 2018 where Malong appointed her Deputy for External Relation and Secretary for Gender.

She was later made the appointed Secretary of Information and Technology and also the official Spokeswoman for the party, making her the first spokeswoman appointed in South Sudan. Her experience as a communicator makes her qualified for her new assignment.

Nyamach ‘s job will involve explaining SSUF operations to the public, and also reacting to public relation nightmares.

In a nutshell, she will be the chief SSUF public relations officer.